Zero-day Java Exploit

A zero-day exploit is an attack against a previously unknown vulnerability. Such an attack has been reported in Oracle's Java. Java is commonly installed on most computers, both Windows and Macs.

Homeland Security has recommended that users disable or uninstall Java. Doing so, however, could break applications and web sites that depend on Java. We have seen an influx of tech support calls for this very reason.

As an alternative, you might consider disabling Java in your primary browser, leaving it enabled in your secondary browser. For instance, if you routinely use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, consider disabling Java in those browsers. If you find a site that does not work, use the system browser (Internet Explorer on Windows; Safari on Macs), to view the site.

This article contains instructions for disabling Java in the aforementioned browsers.

Disabling Java protects you against this exploit as well as future attacks. If, however, you need Java, be sure to upgrade to the latest version.

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