XP Time is Running Out

The clock is ticking for Microsoft's Windows XP. Microsoft has been warning customers for years now that on April 8th they will end tech support for Windows XP. It turns out that most ATMs run Windows XP behind the scenes, which could leave the machines vulnerable to hacking and exploits once Microsoft offically ends support.

According to The Verge article "The death of Windows XP will impact 95 percent of the world's ATMs", Windows 7 is the replacement of choice for Windows XP. Some ATMs are fairly well equipped to handle the upgrade to Windows 7, while others will need to be replaced entirely. The article indicates that Microsoft may offer an extended support package for some customers who have Premier Support contracts in place with Microsoft and are unable to upgrade in time for the April 8th cutoff.

For more information on Microsoft ending support for Windows XP, including why they are doing it, what it means to customers and how to begin a migration path please see Microsoft's official website.

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