WordPress - The Hacker Magnet

As you know, WordPress is a popular website platform. It’s also quite easy to get an inexpensive WordPress website for your business or organization. People make them from their kitchen workshops all the time, and can get your website up and running quickly. There are drawbacks to WordPress though, which many people are not aware of and don’t understand prior to getting into a WordPress solution.

One big drawback with WordPress, in our opinion, is that it is a hacker magnet. WordPress is an open source structure, meaning that all of its code is available publicly online. That means the code for the WordPress platform is open source, along with the tens of thousands of third party plugins. The nature of having all of the WordPress code publically available makes it easy for hackers to find security gaps and attack WordPress websites. As a website hosting company, we can vouch for seeing WordPress websites get attacked with a very high frequency rate.

Why’s this matter? Hacked websites can greatly alter how your website performs in the search engines, like Google. If your WordPress website uses a Mailing List, you may be unwillingly sharing all your Mailing List contacts not only with the developer of the plugin used to capture the information, but also with hackers. Secure information residing on your WordPress website is likely at risk.

Wordfence is a product that aims to protect and secure WordPress websites. It is a security plugin that provides distributed protection as it monitors WordPress websites globally and shares information about hack attacks. They currently offer a free and premium (paid) version of their plugin. From the home page of the Wordfence website, you can see a global real-time graphic of hacking attempts on WordPress websites. It’s a busy graphic.

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