Windows XP SP3 Upgrade Issue

In recent news, Symantec is publicly blaming Microsoft for a Windows registry corruption issue encountered when upgrading computers to Windows XP Service Pack 3. Upgrades to Windows XP SP3, on some computers, empies the Device Manager, deletes network connections and adds thousands of bogus entries to the registry.

Microsoft launched the Windows XP SP3 update on their Windows Update approximately three weeks ago. Since the launch, users started posting issues with their network cards and connections disappearing, the Device Manager being cleared, and their registry full of junk entries.

Since the launch of the Windows XP SP3, Symantec Corp. has determined that at least part of the issue is caused by a Microsoft file named fixccs.exe, in conjunction with the Symantec product SymProtect. The guidance from Symantec to users planning to upgrade is to first turn off the "SymProtect" feature before installing the SP3 upgrade.

Articles on this subject are suggesting this issue is not confined to computers running Symantec security products. To read more on this story, see the Computerworld Security article "Symantec tells users: Disable protection before XP SP3 upgrade".

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