Windows Vista - It's Here

It's here. After more than five years in the making, Microsoft has officially released Windows Vista and Office 2007. Will Vista become the next dominating OS system?

With the extra time in between their last major OS release (Windows XP) and this one, Microsoft invested in real world user testing. They spent time talking with families who use computers for their digital needs. They also spent time conducting tests with millions of people from around the world who tested and provided feedback on the beta version of Vista.

Three of the terms used by Bill Gates in his product launch presentations to describe Vista's new feature enhancements are:

  1. Easier
  2. Safer
  3. More Entertaining

Easier - Vista offers a lot of new features for searching. The user interface around searching has been enhanced to utilize more thumbnail views of files.

Safer - Microsoft talks about major enhancements around safety in Vista, most notably related to Internet Explorer.

More Entertaining - Vista brings you new and exciting games. You can play Uno online with players on the internet. There is a new "Burn" button you will see throughout Vista that allows you to quickly burn the media files you have selected to a DVD. has reviews and more information on Windows Vista, including tips & tricks, pictures, reviews, videos, and how to buy Windows Vista. CNet also has a quick test, the "Vista Update Advisor", that you can run for free to check and see if your computer is ready to run Vista.

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