Windows Defender Beta Expired on December 31

A recent trial version (also referred to as "beta" version) of Microsoft’s Windows Defender software just expired on December 31, 2006. If you were running this trial version of Windows Defender, you may see a warning message when you start up your computer that tells you an "Application failed to initialize".

Download the new version of Windows Defender from this link: . Follow the online instructions on how to download the software. Use the Recommended Settings option during the installation, and install the Complete version of the Windows Defender. After installing the updated version of Windows Defender, restart your computer.

Windows Defender is a free program that protects your computer from security threats, pop ups and slowed performance due to unwanted spyware or software. The software uses Microsoft “definition” updates to detect and download updates that are available from Microsoft analysts and required for the program to run most effectively.

For more information on Windows Defender or other Microsoft products, please see Microsoft's web site at

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