Windows 8 Sneak Peak

Microsoft is busy working on building next generation products. To that end, in an MSDN Blog article posted this week they provided early screenshots of what Windows Explorer will look like in Windows 8.

The article "Improvements in Windows Explorer" will walk you through an engineers perspective of Windows Explorer through the years and what is coming in the future. You'll see screenshots of the next generation Windows Explorer, along with background information on why and how certain changes are made to the product. The author of the article, Microsoft employee and Windows President Steven Sinofsky, notes that Microsoft will be watching the comments and dialog to follow.

At the time of this article being writen for, there are 964 comments to the "Improvements in Windows Explorer" blog post. That's just two days after the article was posted, and already a considerable amount of dialog from the wild to be taking into consideration.

To learn more about Windows 8 and contribute to the dialog, please see the Microsoft blog "Building Windows 8".

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