Wii Fit for the Family

Nintendo is in the process of a staged release of its latest Wii product, the "Wii Fit". Wii Fit utilizes Wii technology to incorporate games which provide fun workouts. This innovative approach to gaming and fitness provides exercise opportunities for people of all ages.

Wii Fit is designed with a Balance Board, which is used by the Wii system to calculate your body weight, BMI (body mass index) and center of balance. Wii Fit uses your personal information it gathers from the Balance Board to generate an online version of you (an avatar), called "Mii". Watching Mii on the screen, you use the Balance Board to interact with the various Wii Fit games.

Current Wii Fit games include strenght building, hula hooping, skiing, aerobics and yoga, soccer, running and more. Nintendo and Electronic Arts are committing to designing more games and workouts which utilize this newer Wii technology. Wii Fit retails for around $90, which includes the Balance Board and Wii Fit game disc. You need to have the Nintendo Wii video-game system in order to use the Wii Fit.

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