Why the Spam Keeps on Coming

According to a recent study conducted by Marshal's Threat Research and Content Engineering team, 29% of internet users admit to making purchases from spam email. The research was conducted over the months of June and July 2008, and surveyed around 600 people.

When people wonder why spam persists in filling up their inboxes, the answer appears to be in part due to the volume of people who are actually responding to spam and making actual purchases. Purchases made from spam emails include watches and jewelry, software, adult material, and pills.

In a recent article published by AppScount on this same issue, "29 Percent of Internet Users Admit Purchasing from Spam", Spam emails are currently thought to account for around 85% of all emails circulating the internet worldwide. With 29% of spam recipients making actual purchases, there seems to be little to no incentive for the spammers to stop spamming.

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