Why Did the Spam Come Back?

Over the past week, many people have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of spam in their inbox. Virus and Spam filtering were enabled by default on many c4.net accounts. We have changed the default behavior for spam filtering based on feedback from our customers. This means that many people who used to have spam filtering no longer have it. Virus scanning is still enabled by default.

Spam filtering is still a free service. However, if you have not turned it on or asked our staff to turn it on for you, then spam filtering is probably not enabled on your account. As noted in the past, you can use our Web Mail system to enable and disable spam filtering or contact us and request that spam filtering be enabled.

The spam filtering system has been greatly improved over the past year. The catch rate on most accounts is well above 95%. Some early problems with false positives have been corrected. We will continue to refine the system in cooperation with our mail server vendor to adapt and respond to new spam attacks and to further reduce the chance of false positives.

In addition to changing the default behavior, two other issues have been corrected. Specifically, if you have several e-mail addresses which forward to your primary mailbox, turning on filtering for your primary mailbox will scan all the mail coming in, not just that addressed to your primary account.

Several customers have requested that spam filtering be disabled. Some messages destined to these accounts, particularly those addressed to multiple people would still get trapped by the spam filtering system. We have corrected this issue. If you have disabled spam filtering on your account, you will receive all your mail -- period.

We hope that we've addressed most of the requests and concerns from our customers. Most of the feedback has been very positive. Though we certainly enjoy the compliments, please don't hesitate to contact us with new requests or comments on our services.

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