What's Your Business Internet Strategy for 2007?

A common question we hear when meeting with customers is "How can my website be number one in Google search results?" The short answer to this question is "You can pay". The only way to ensure top placement results in Google is by using Google AdWords, their paid advertising program. While online advertising with a program like AdWords is a good idea, it provides relatively short-term results. Google utilizes over 200 pieces of qualitative information when assessing and determining how to rank a website in search results.

Think of your business internet strategy from a holistic perspective. Your online strategy should be multi-faceted, and focus on long-term and long-lasting results. As you go through your checklist for business goals in 2007, make sure you give ample time to review and plan your online Internet strategy. Here are ten questions to ask when assessing your website and reviewing your Internet strategy:

  1. Is your website user friendly? Can people visiting your site for the first time easily navigate around and find information they are looking for?
  2. Have you recently reviewed your website keywords and optimized for search engines accordingly?
  3. Do you know what keywords people are using to find your website?
  4. Do your website page Titles contain keywords?
  5. Does your website text include keywords?
  6. Is your website using meta tags to provide a description and keywords to search engines?
  7. Have you minimized the amount of clicks a visitor needs to go through to get to website content?
  8. Are you using Links on your website to help build valuable link exchanges? Make sure links on your website complement your website content.
  9. Is your website content fresh? Give visitors a reason to want to keep coming back to your site.
  10. What do your website visitors think of your site? Are you asking some of your visitors for feedback?

Whatever your online goals are for 2007, c4.net Internet Services can help.

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