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We have a soft spot in our hearts for cheerleaders, who show up at every game -- not just every football game but every basketball, soccer, you-name-it game -- who train harder than the participants of most any other sport, exhibiting more athleticism and courage than just about anyone else they know (no one's gonna throw me 30 feet into the air) yet who still, somehow, labor under an image that dates back to the fifties. Feminism has somehow managed to banish almost every other demeaning image of woman, except the image of cheerleaders. So, maybe that's the reason we seem to donate so many computers to cheerleaders. Or maybe it's just because the owner's daughter is a cheerleader, and our head technician coaches them. :)

Regardless, Cape Cod Computer donated another computer to Nauset cheerleaders. This time, it went to the Nauset High School Cheerleaders. They held a raffle just a few days ago and the winner was announced. As such, we'd like to congratulate David W. Bell, the winner of the raffle. We'd also like to thank all of you who purchased tickets, whether it was in support of Nauset's cheerleaders or because you were goaded into buying tickets from a pretty girl. Regardless, your money was well spent.

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