Web Site Launch for StephenHeilakka.com

c4.net is thrilled to announce the new web site launch for StephenHeilakka.com. Stephen Heilakka approached c4.net to design and develop his new artist web site, to showcase his Drawings and Paintings and help promote his artwork and poetry.

You can see examples of Steph's wonderful artwork on his new StephenHeilkka.com web site. To showcase his artwork images on the Drawings and Paintings web pages, we used a neat Javascript technology called "Lightbox", which allows you to click on any of the images to see an enlarged view without leaving the current web page. The effect on StephenHeilakka.com is stunning! Check it out on either the Drawings or Paintings web pages by simply clicking on any art image.

Steph is a multi-faceted artist and creates poetry and music in addition to his drawings and paintings. He was looking for a way to be able to weave these elements into his web site over time, as well as keep content fresh and be able to connect with visitors. To accomplish these goals we implemented a Blog feature as part of his new web site. Using the Blog, Steph can update content at any time. Visitors to the Blog can choose to Subscribe to it, to receive email notification when a new article is available to read, and can also subscribe to the Blog's RSS feed. We have provided Steph training on working with the Blog, and he is already up and running on it.

You can find out about Steph Heilakka's upcoming Exhibitions & Events, read about his Biography, and get information on how to Contact him all from his new StephenHeilakka.com web site.

We invite you to take a look through the new StephenHeilakka.com web site. Congratulations Steph!

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