Web Site Launch for KerryInsurance.com

We are happy to announce the launch of the newly redesigned web site for Kerry Insurance Agency, Inc.! Kerry Insurance is a full service family owned independent insurance agency, serving all of your insurance needs. Kerry Insurance has two convenient locations, in Eastham and Hyannis, and their offices are staffed with knowledgeable professionals.

When Kerry Insurance was looking to redesign their web site, they met with c4.net Internet Services. They were looking to expand their online presence, moving from a one page site into a more robust and informative web site, providing more information on their services as well as a vehicle to provide fresh and relevant content to their customers and potential customers.

We implemented Adobe Contribute in the new KerryInsurance.com web site, so that the folks over at Kerry Insurance will be able to maintain the web content appearing on the various pages of their new web site on their own. Contribute is a user-friendly CMS solution which allows web site owners to take control over the content and update it in real-time, without involving web developers.

Our Cape Cod Tides and Cape Cod Weather widgets are a great solution for the new KerryInsurance.com Home page. Using our widgets, the new Kerry Insurance web site provides dynamic data information on local tide and weather information which gets updated daily. This is another great way the new site provides fresh and relevant content to web site visitors.

Congratulations to Kerry Insurance on the launch of their new web site, and we invite you to go visit them online today at KerryInsurance.com or give them a call at 1-866-444-4711 to discuss your insurance needs.

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