Vista SP1 Available in Mid-March

Microsoft has recently announced they will be releasing Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Vista in the mid-March timeframe. The Vista SP1 has been released to manufacturers (for their first set of languages) so that it will be used for new PC systems being built with Vista.

The timing on making the service pack available to existing Vista users, according to the Windows Vista team blog, is to make sure that everyone has a 'great install experience'. Service Pack 1 will bring with it improvements based on information collected from customer feedback, as well as using their online crash analysis and Windows error reporting tools. From the Windows Vista blog, the service pack will increase reliability and performance of Windows Vista. Certain processes that currently take some time to process will be sped up in SP1.

When Service Pack 1 is available for existing Vista users, it will be made available via Windows Update. In the meantime, Microsoft is focusing efforts on shoring up any lingering issues with driver incompatibilities and issues associated with the installation of SP1.

Microsoft also announced they will release Windows Server 2008 in the next few weeks.

For more information, please see the Windows Vista Blog article on Windows Vista SP1.

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