Virus writers have been working overtime

A new mass mailing worm is on the loose, the worm began circulating this afternoon and is rapidly swarming as the Anti-Virus companies work out detection and removal procedures.

Messages are coming in several different formats, some appear to be email error messages such as "Mail Transaction Failed" or "Test" - others have ambiguous subject lines such as "Hello". Some messages have an attachment in the body of the message, others have .zip files containing the virus. The virus creator also padded the filename of some of the infected files with a number of spaces, so a file which appears to be named "test.txt" is actually "test.txt         .exe"

While the Anti-virus companies are rushing to develop signatures to detect and remove this virus, now would be a good time to be *very* cautious about which emails you open. If you are not expecting an email attachment from somebody - do not open the attachment. Once virus signatures are available you may scan any questionable attachments you have received, but until that time careful what you click on!

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