Virus Deadline

On Tuesday, the epidemic level SirCam virus will attempt to fill up the hard drive of one out of every 20 infected computers, rendering the computer useless. The ubiquitous SirCam virus, which may be sent to user's by unwitting friends and associates, contains a random subject line but usually contains the text "I send you this file in order to have your advice." has warned its customers about SirCam and numerous other e-mail viruses for some time using this Web site and other means. In the wake of more recent viruses, we have even taken to personally contacting customers who we believe to have infected computers. In tandem with our parent company, Cape Cod Computer, we offer anti-virus solutions and disaster recovery services.

Despite these efforts, we believe that many of our customers may still have infected computers. Consequently, we urge all customers to purchase and install an anti-virus product, download all updates for the anti-virus product, and scan your entire system, including any diskettes or recordable media you may use to transfer files from one to computer from another.

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