U.S. Voter Databases Not Secure

At least one database containing U.S. voter registration records has been identified with having a major security breach, exposing millions of records online. According to an article written by Barb Darrow and appearing in Fortune, Database of 191 Million U.S. Voter Records Left Exposed Online. The database in question has been taken offline, but it unclear what records were potentially retrieved in the interim while the misconfigured database was publically available.

According to article by Steve Ragan appearing on CSOOnline, "Database configuration issues expose 191 million voter records", it is still unclear as to who the actual owner of the database is.

Data included in the voter database was current, and included voter names, home address, mailing address, gender, date of birth, political affiliation, and voting history since 2000. The database also included fields for voter prediction scores.

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