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We've made a couple of changes to various c4.net services. The first is an upgrade to our Web site statistics reporting utility, which can be found at stats.yourdomain.com. The second was a change to the way the mail server quarantine functions.

Web Site Statistics
We've installed a slightly updated version of the software we use to provide Web site statistics reports. The new version adds support for more search engines, more robust searching, and more reliable e-mail reporting. There have also been various minor fixes. So, if you noticed a problem in the past, we encourage you to have a look and let us know what's fixed and what isn't.

One side effect of the updates is that some e-mail reports that didn't go out on time may now get delivered. This can include reports going as far back as last summer. You can disregard these messages. We expect everything to go back to normal when the next monthly reports go out.

Mail Server
We've changed the length of time that mail is stored in the quarantine. Instead of storing mail for two weeks, we are now storing it for only one week. This was done because the amount of spam in the quarantine has doubled in the past two months alone. Storing so much spam and virus infected messages will only make the system slower, especially if spam continues to grow at current rates.

More importantly, very few people have been releasing quarantined mail. We hope that this is because the system produces few false positives. Regardless, those messages which have been released are usually released within a day or two of having been caught. Consequently, we don't foresee any negative impact from such a change.

Though fairly minor, we hope that these updates improve our service in noticeable ways. If you should encounter a problem, please to don't hesitate to contact us. Of course, we welcome compliments too. :)

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