Upcoming Changes at eBay

Besides the recent announcement of eBay President and CEO Meg Whitman that she is retiring from the company, there are other interesting announcements of upcoming changes that will change the face of eBay as we knew it.

One such interesting change announcement can be found on the eBay Community Feedback Forum. The article describes upcoming changes to the eBay Feedback system for 2008. The stated goal, according to eBay, for making these changes is to improve the accountability, reliability and accuracy of the current feedback system.

What kind of changes are going to happen with the eBay Feedback system? For one, starting May, 2008, eBay sellers will no longer be able to leave "negative or neutral feedback" for eBay buyers. Another change described in the article is that negative and neutral feedback left by eBay members who are suspended or have failed to respond to the eBay Unpaid Item Process will be removed from the system.

Other upcoming changes to eBay are talked about during the 2008 eBay eCommerce Forum Webcast. Key points include changes to the fee structure, a free gallery, enhanced protection on Paypal, new tools provided to sellers and new discounts for power sellers. To find out about these upcoming changes, you can go to this General Announcements page on eBay's web site, which talks about the Webcast in detail, and provides links to both the webcast Keynote Archive and the Executive Panel Q&A.

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