Trying to Turn a Buck, Yahoo Violates Customers' Privacy

This article pretty much says it all. Yahoo, once the darling dot-com of Wall Street, now the vanguard of questionable marketing practices, has changed their privacy policy. They used the switch as an opportunity to surreptitious opt in all of their customers to third party solicitations. How gracious and thoughtful of them.

If you have an account with Yahoo for e-mail, gaming, groups or any other purpose, you will want to log into your account and un-enroll yourself from Yahoo's "special offers." This is especially imperative if you gave them your phone number or physical address. Otherwise, you can expect to be barraged by a battery of cold calls and inundated with direct mailings.

Yahoo had this to say: "Your privacy is very important to us here at Yahoo!.... Our commitment to privacy hasn't changed." Hmmmm, how terribly reassuring.

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