The Sun Also Rises on ".US"

Domain names ending in ".us" are nothing new. You've probably visited some of these sites, like the Massachusetts state government Web site. New changes in the registration of these domains, however, will make them more attractive to businesses.

Traditionally, ".us" domains worked in a strict hierarchy, meaning that a school like the Lighthouse Charter School has the domain name" Obviously, if you are a marketing a Web site for a company and you've got a 15 second radio spot, you want a domain name that's a bit shorter and more catchy.

Pretty soon, it will be possible to register ".us" domains in the same manner that you can register ".com" and ".us" domains. So, instead of registering something like "," it will be possible to register the domain

The "sunrise" period has begun on ".us" domain registrations. This means that those companies with registered trademarks get a first crack at registering domains. Of course, the domain must contain the trademarked word or phrase. The sunrise only lasts a few days.

For more information on the sunrise period, have a look at the FAQ. You can purchase a ".us" domain from one of the companies on this list of accredited registrars.

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