The First New Worm In Awhile

It's been awhile since the last time we posted information about a new worm. Though there have been many new worms, very few made an appearance at all in our neck of the woods. However, this morning we came in to find that Palyh accounts for over 2% of the virus infected messages trapped by our mail server in the past week.

Palyh, or Mankx as it's called by some, doesn't directly harm the system, but, rather, opens it up to attack. It also installs itself onto other computers on the same network, thus making it particularly insidious for business users.

The infected messages claim to be from Needless to say, they aren't. If you receive messages from, or any message with an attachment that you weren't expecting, just delete it. Don't take chances, and don't trust a message just because it seems to be from a reliable source.

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