The End of IP4 Internet Addresses

The end of IP4 Internet Addresses is here. The last available blocks of Internet Protocol version 4 (IP4) internet addresses were allocated at an Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ceremony held in Miami on February 3rd.

In total, IP4 has 4.3 billion internet addresses. These addresses are now mostly in use or have been allocated. The new Internet Protocol addressing system, IP6, is poised to succeed IP4 but what remains to be seen is how ready the infrastructure is to support this new system and how smooth the transition over to IP6 from IP4 will be.

Why are IP addresses important? Every computer, tablet, phone and gadget connecting to the Internet requires a unique IP address in order to connect. With the explosion of devices used to connect to the Internet it is easy to understand how we reached IP4 capacity. IP6 has the capacity for 340 undecillion internet addresses. A single undecillion is 1036, or 1 followed by 66 zeros. There is no concern at this time that we will hit the IP6 capacity for Internet Addresses it can support.

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