Sparrow Using High-Frequency Tones to Combat Teens

In what seems to be an almost unbelievable story, the Hot Chocolate Sparrow of Orleans is broadcasting a high-frequency sound to try and rid the area of teens. The Sparrow has purchased and installed a "Mosquito" black box system outdoors, which emits a tone that is said to only be heard by people up to the age of 25.

The Mosquito system is sold in the United States by a company called "Kids Be Gone". The product is described on the Kids Be Gone web site as a solution to "the eternal problem of unwanted gatherings of youth and teenagers in shopping malls and around shops".

In a story running today in the Cape Cod Times, teenagers are quoted as saying that the high-frequency tones are being broadcast during the day time. This contradicts what the Sparrow owners say, which is that the Mosquito system is being used to deter teens from gathering after they close at 11:00pm.

To read more about this story, please see the Cape Cod Times article "Ultrasonic noise thwarts loitering teens" by Susan Milton.

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