Spam: Citizen Fights Back

This article in the Oregonian tells the story of a Oregon lawyer who, after receiving countless pieces of spam e-mail from a "multinational, multibillion-dollar company," decided to fight back.

Harold Hickok notified the company that if they continued to send him mail, he would charge them a $25 reading fee for each message. Unfortunately for the company, no one received that warning. Instead, it was received, processed and ultimately ignored by an automated server.

Some time later, after the spam began growing at an exponential rate, Hickok filed a lawsuit against the company. After a couple attempts to have the case thrown out, the company settled out of court. As part of that settlement, Harold agreed not to reveal the name of the company.

Hmmm...I guess this means it's time to cash in the baseball cards and comic books and start collecting spam.

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