Spam at 95%

According to at least one company, spam now accounts for 95% of all email. Commtouch has released its third quarter 2007 "Email Threats Trend Report", which analyzes billions of email messages each week. The report found that spam has hit an all-time high, and accounted for 95% of all emails at one point during their analysis.

The Email Threats Trend Report also found spam is becoming increasingly sophisticated in its attempts to disguise itself as "real" email. New techniques include attaching PDF or Excel documents to seemingly inconspicuous email. Another technique used is "blended threat" email, which combines links to malware web sites with seemingly inconspicuous emails. Emails containing image spam are on the decrease.

The full report is available for download from the Commtouch web site.

As always, one of the best defenses is to make sure that your Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware software is running and up to date. Do periodic scans, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary have your computer looked at by a professional.

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