Spam: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

We've fielded numerous calls from customers who are concerned about e-mail that appears to be misdirected. Specifically, a user with an account may receive a message addressed to Mail is not being misdirected: it is, unfortunately, intended for you.

Though these messages have fairly vague and innocuous sounding content (complete with a misspelling or two), these messages are spam. We can only guess at the purpose of these messages, but it is assumed that the "marketers" are trolling for e-mail addresses, searching Web pages, databases, etc. for anything that looks like a valid e-mail address.

Since most people change e-mail addresses fairly often, the spammers have to verify that the addresses they find are still valid. They do so by sending out these messages. They purposefully make the message appear misdirected in the hopes that most user's will not report them as spam.

Because of the nature of the attacks, there is very little we can do to prevent them. Replying to the messages is futile as the address in "From" field is bogus. The most you can do is simply delete the messages and know that all your mail is being delivered properly, even if you'd rather it wasn't. :)

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