Sony Drops Fee Not to Install Software

Last week, Sony announced that they were going to charge an additional $49.99 fee which would essentially buy you a computer that didn't have all the uneeded "bloatware" they typically install on it when it shipped. This fee was to be part of a new Sony initiative called "Fresh Start".

Reactions to the Sony news about their intended additional charge was less than kind, and received a backlash of negative commentary in the blogosphere. The amount of negative press was so large that within the very same business day, Sony announced they were removing the proposed $49.99 additional charge.

The Sony "Fresh Start" program will begin this spring, and through it you will be able to order a custom-configured Sony VAIO computer with no charge to opt-out of any trialware application you like.

To read more on this story, ZDNet has a writeup on "Sony drops its $49 "no crapware" fee. Computerworld also has a writeup on "Sony yanks bloatware removal fee from laptops".

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