Second Life - Not So Different from your First Life

If you haven't heard about Second Life, you must be really busy or tuned out in your first life. Second Life is an online world created by Linden Labs. The entire world is built and owned by the members of the Second Life community, using "Linden" dollars and pure creativity. Second Life is, in many ways, not so different from your first life.

The always innovative, and extremely talented, Kathy Schrock uses Second Life as a tool for educators. Kathy has built an educational island in Second Life, called "Lighthouse Learning Island". The Lighthouse Learning Island is a professional learning community of K-12 educators. To read more about Lighthouse Learning Island, and keep up to date with progress and updates, please see Kathy's Lighthouse Learning Island blog. While you're there, be sure to check out pictures of the lighthouse Kathy built in Second Life, using around 20 prims (building blocks in Second Life). It's amazing!

We recently heard about a project called "Second Chance Trees", which is an initiative to help support reforestation efforts in real life. Second Life is being used to help teach visitors and spread the word about the endangered rain forests. The project has teamed with American Express to help plant as many as 1 million trees in our real world. To learn more about this project, please see the Second Chance Trees official web site.

Just the other day, NPR talked about job postings in Second Life. Some IT companies, and other companies, are starting to target job advertising through Second Life. We also heard some of these companies conduct job interviews through Second Life. Perhaps the difficult thing here is determining which job postings are for first life, which are for Second Life, and which are for first life developing for Second Life.

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