Riverbay.org Launch

c4.net is excited to announce the launch of our newest web site, Riverbay.org. Riverbay Estates is a vibrant residential community tucked in the northwest corner of historic seaside Chatham. c4.net worked closely with Jan Whittaker, President, as well as members from the Riverbay Board to redesign their existing web site, enhance the content offered, and find a solution to be able to maintain their web site content over time.

c4.net designed and developed a very user-friendly web site for Riverbay, which contains information useful to members of Riverbay Estates and Association as well as visitors interested in learning more about the Riverbay community.

The new Home page for Riverbay.org features a Chatham Weather widget, developed by c4.net. The weather widget updates dynamically throughout the course of the day. The widget offers information on temperatures, winds, humidity, dew point, visibility and pressure as reported at Chatham Municipal Airport. Visitors interested in Riverbay Estates and Riverbay Association can learn more from the new About Us page.

Riverbay Member announcements, calendar, classifieds and lost 'n found information is available on the new Riverbay.org web site, along with guidelines for posting on the "By Members & For Members" page. The Riverbay Newletters are available from the website "News & Newsletters" page. Riverbay Real Estate information, Links, and Contact information is also available from the new Riverbay.org web site.

Riverbay was looking for a solution to be able to maintain the web site content over time. We have implemented Adobe Contribute and provided training to work with Contribute so that Riverbay can access their web site and make changes to web page content, images and information at any time.

Congratulations to Riverbay on your new web site, and we hope all our readers will visit the new Riverbay.org site to check it out!

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