Responsive Design is King

Now more than ever, it is critical to consider responsive design for your business website. What is "responsive design" you might ask? Responsive design is an approach to making websites so that the design and content (text and images) is flexible and responds or adapts automatically to fit the visitor's screen size and orientation. You have one website, with one single codebase, that looks and reads great on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

But why is this important? Visitors to your website are coming from increasingly diverse devices. Ten years ago it only mattered that your website looked good on a desktop and possibly on a laptop computer. Now you have a proliferation of devices people use to surf the web, and more and more of your visitors are on tablets and smartphones. If your website isn't designed to be responsive, these visitors may not be able to read or use your website.  

Another reason to be responsive is for Google's sake. It's clear that Google is still king of the search engines, so you should care a lot how Google views your website. In spring of 2015 Google announced they will start weighting mobile friendly websites higher in the mobile search results. This change has already gone into effect. If your website isn’t responsive, Google is treating it differently than those that are mobile friendly. has been designing and developing responsive websites for over four years now. Here are a few examples of our responsive website design work: Internet Services -
Cape Cod Museum of Natural History -
 Fabric Creations -
 NAMI Cape Cod & the Islands –   

If your website isn't responsive, let’s talk.

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