Red Tide

The Cape Cod Times has recently reported that red tide has closed off parts of the Nauset estuary. Areas designated closed by the red tide are off limits for any shellfishing, until the closing is lifted.

For more information on areas of the Nauset estuary affected, please see the "Red tide returns to Nauset estuary" article in the online version of the Cape Cod Times.

Researchers from WHOI (Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution) and North Carolina State are predicting red tides could have a substantial impact this summer season. The last major red tide impact on the Cape and Islands occurred in 2005, when an estimated $50 million dollars were lost by the shellfish industry alone. To read more about the red tide predictions for this summer, please see the "Significant Red Tide Season Predicted for 2008 Based On Computer Models and Observations" article in Science Daily.

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