Recycle your Cell Phone or iPod with Apple

Apple has a FREE recycling program available, where you can recycle your cell phone or iPod through Apple. Cell phones can be of any make or model. The recycling of materials collected is processed in the United States, and no waste products leave the U.S.

In order to recycle your cell phone or iPod through Apple, you can either bring your cell phone to any Apple retail store, or you can visit Apple's online "iPod and cell phone recycle page" to recycle by mail. If you elect to mail your product for recycling, Apple lets you choose to receive a pre-paid shipping label with printable postage, or request a pre-paid mailer be sent.

Other Apple recycling initiatives include free recycling of old computers and monitors, regardless of manufacturer, with the purchase of a new Mac. Apple also offers a battery recycling program for Apple product batteries. To learn more about the Apple battery recycling program, please visit the Call2Recycle web site.

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