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In the long standing tradition of reinventing the proverbial wheel, c4.net has designed a web site which displays tide and current data for the greater Cape and Islands region. Actually, we are about to put the new c4.net "corporate yacht" in the water and wanted a simple, easy to use web site that that displayed accurate tide information.

The result is capetides.com, a search engine for over 20 years of regional tide data, current data, sunrises and sunsets, and moon phases. The data was calculated using the same algorithm as the National Ocean Service. Each calculation is based on harmonic data collected over a one year period from each location. If a location is not listed, it is because there is no (accurate) harmonic data available for that location.

The site will attempt to remember the last location you looked at so, if you are in the habit of checking the tides for a specific spot regularly, you will find that the site automatically generates the report for that spot each time you visit. We plan to add certain features, such as a map containing each of the locations, but if you find there is anything else you would like to see, feel free to contact us using our feedback form.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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