Privacy Email Services Shut Down

In the wake of Edward Snowden, two different email service providers have recently announced they are shutting down their private email service. One company, Lavabit, is closing their business altogether. Lavabit was outed last month as the email service provider that Edward Snowden was using. If you visit the Lavabit website today you'll be greeted with a letter from the Owner and Operator of Lavabit, Ladar Levison. The letter explains that after ten years of hard work, he has decided to shut down his company rather than "become complicit in crimes against the American people".

The other company, Silent Circle, is shutting down their encrypted email service, Silent Mail, while keeping their other services, Silent Phone and Silent Text, running. In a letter posted to their website, "To Our Customers", they explain why they are stopping their Silent Mail service. Essentially they are unable to secure the standard protocols used for transmitting email communications, and therefore unable to fully deliver a promise of "secure" email. As well, they indicate that they do not wish to be in a position of needing to hand over all of their customer data to the United States government.

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