Phishing Email - What to Look Out For

Phishing emails are one way that internet thieves try and steal personal data, by attempting to appear being sent from an authoritative source. Examples of companies that phishing scam emails may try and impersonate are Visa, Citibank, and eBay.

Phishing emails are looking for you to confirm or give away personal information, such as bank account or other account information, along with passwords. Typically the way a phishing scam works is that an email presents itself, appearing to be representing a legitimate company such as Visa. The email tries to get you to confirm certain information, by directing you to a web site page or phone number to call.

Warning signs to look out for with phishing emails include:

Visa has published some good information on phishing emails you may want to check out. Microsoft also has some good information on phishing emails, and publishes an example illustration for your review.

Our mail servers will attempt to identify such phishing attacks, and filter it out as spam before it reaches your inbox. However, some of these scams will pass through. If you think you have received a phishing email, do not reply to it.

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