Paying for Spam

This article is the first in a two part series on stopping spam. Though I can't imagine what conclusion the writer comes to in the second article, the piece itself contains several interesting (read scary) spam statistics, reciting many of the statistics on spam which we've noted here before, including the story about AT&T's unforunate encounter with spam.

The basic assertion of the article is that spam comes with some hidden--some not so hidden--costs which get passed off to the consumer. In many Eupropean countries, calls are charged by the minute, making the cost of spam a bit more tangible to the end user and leading many governments to ban spam outright.

Among the more interesting statistics in the article:

", an anti-spam group, says if only 1 percent of the 24 million businesses in the United States decides to send you merely one message per year, you'll receive 657 spams a day."


One can only hope that our representatives in Washington are also reading these articles and, heeding the cries from consumers and the advise from the industry, are at least considering userful legistlation.

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