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Paint.NET is free, open-source image and photo editing software designed for Windows computers running XP SP2 or higher. Paint.NET initally started out as a Washington State University computer science project that was mentored by Microsoft. If you're looking for image editing software with more capabilities than "Microsoft Paint", but don't want to spend what it costs to buy Adobe Photoshop, is a good alternative.

Paint.NET has a simple interface, and gives you several options to help edit and manipulate your images. Software features include drawing shapes and tools, special effects, support of layers, and unlimited undo. The Paint.NET user community provides countless Plugins for adding extra effects and additional functionality to the program.

The latest release of Paint.NET is v3.05, which was released on March 29th. Version 3.2 of the software is still in the planning stage, and version 4.0 of the product is expected out in late 2008, early 2009. Here is a link to download the latest release of Paint.NET - v.3.05:

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