Novarg: The Mystery Meat Virus

Well, we gave it some time -- a few hours actually -- but it seems no one has any more information about a new virus. We can't even agree on the name. Is it Novarg, Shimg, Mydoom? Well, regardless of what it's called, it seems to be the fastest spreading worm in some time.

No one has a full analysis of the worm. However, McAfee lists several possible subject lines:

The message contains an attachment. The attachment is zipped to make it appear as though it is harmless. In the zip file you'll see a single file which will appear to be a text file. However, the real name of the file is obfuscated: the extension is pushed off the right hand side of the screen with spaces.

As of Monday, January 26th, 5:00 pm EST, most anti virus companies have not yet released virus definitions to address this threat. This means that even if you've performed an update to day, you may still be at risk.

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