NEW Webmail Features!

Our email system was recently upgraded, please read the following information on new webmail features associated with this update.

Quarantine Mail: The method you use to release email from Quarantine has changed slightly. In order to release an email from Quarantine, first select your Quarantine folder and locate the email you wish to release. Place a check next to the email to be released, and then click on the button at top that reads "Select Action". From there, select "Release messages".

Language Filter: This is a new feature that allows you to block emails by language. In order to implement this feature, go into Settings, and select the new "Language Filter" option from the Email Filtering section. Here you will see a screen which allows you to select any language content that you wish to block, by picking them from the "Languages" list. To block a language, first select it from the Languages list and then click the double right arrow so that it appears in the "Blocked Languages" list. Once the language(s) you want blocked appear in the Blocked Language list, press the "Save" button to save your new settings.

Please note that "English" appears as a language choice in the Languages list, and you should be careful to not select this option. Emails that have been blocked by the Language Filter will appear in your Quarantine email.

Phishing Filter: This is a new feature that helps to block phishing type emails. In order to view this, go into Settings, and select "Phishing" under the Email Filtering options. By default, this value is set to "Extreme" for all email accounts. This is to help prevent phishing type emails from people who try and spoof email addresses like eBay or PayPal or the like. Emails that are blocked by this filter will also appear in your Quarantine email folder.

Email Upgrade on 9/26

We upgraded our email system to the next version of Modus Mail on September 26 at 4:00am, in order to improve our spam filtering capabilities, improve our email delivery rate, and to increase overall email performance. This upgrade was necessary in order for us to provide the best email service possible.

With this email upgrade, the old version of web mail (also referred to as "classic webmail") will no longer be available for use. Aside from optionally enabling language filters, you do not need to take any action on your part to receive the email upgrade features. Here is a link to access your web mail account with us.

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