New Web Site Launch is thrilled to announce the launch of is the new web site for Mike Smith Building & Remodeling, and showcases great examples of excellent work done by Mike Smith and his team. Mike Smith Building & Remodeling have been building and improving on Cape Cod since 1977.

When Mike Smith met with to discuss the web site project, his goals were to create a web site which presents a professional and polished look. Mike wanted the web site to show examples of current and completed work projects, and also to communicate the strengths of his company and the potential for the customer. We designed the web site to reflect images and colors native to Cape Cod. The home page includes a beautiful slideshow which illustrates some of the work done by Mike Smith and his Team. The "Featured Projects" pages of the web site present several photographs which you can click on to view an enlarged version with descriptive text.

In putting together the photographs to work with for the web site, Mike Smith engaged the services of Jeff Thiebauth of Jeff Thiebauth Photography. Jeff worked with Mike and his Team to capture the beautiful photographs you can see throughout the web site. We think the photography is fantastic. If you'd like to reach Jeff Thiebauth about his photography services, his email address is is an exciting web site for us to launch, as it is the first web site we've launched using a newer Javascript technology to present the photograph images shown on the Additions, Kitchens, Baths, Porches and Sunrooms, and the Decks and Outside Showers web pages. The technology is named "Lightbox", and it is used to overlay images on the same page. It's cross compatible with all modern browsers, and allows the web site visitor to view images on a page in larger detail, without making them navigate away from the current page. Give it a try and see what you think.

Since we first met with Mike to discuss his web project, his quarterly Newsletter "Salt Marsh Whisperings" has become very popular! You can sign up for the Newsletter using the web site "Contact Us" form. In the future, we may look to expand the area of the web site devoted to the Newsletter as it has such a tremendous following.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Berrie Hirst, who was instrumental in coordinating and collaborating with throughout the entire project. Congratulations to Mike Smith and everyone at Mike Smith Building & Remodeling on your web site launch!

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