*NEW* Spam Alert

We are receiving reports of new spam being circulated which is requesting you to submit your User Name and Password. This information is SPAM and you should Delete the message if you receive it. As a reminder: c4.net will NEVER ask you for your User Name or Password information via email.

Here is a copy of what this Spam Email message looks like:

Dear Account User,

We wish to inform you that we are undergoing slight maintenance and upgrading of our site. Also we are using this medium to delete all inative users of our mail account.You are required to send your account details for verification to our customer services with email address: maindept@gala.net

User name: (*******)

Password: (*******)

Question/Answer: (Optional)

Thanks for using our mail service, and expect our new mail features.
Management Team

Again, if you receive the above Spam Email message please Delete the message and do not reply. We make every effort to filter out Spam Email messages on our mail server, and will continue to do so. Thank you.

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