Mozilla Releases Firefox 1.5

For those of you out there using the Firefox browser to surf the web, you may be interested in checking out Mozilla’s new 1.5 release. Recent survey statistics report around 10% of all web browsing is currently done using Firefox, with Microsoft still owning around 85% of the balance with Internet Explorer (IE).

The 1.5 version of Firefox 1.5 offers quicker navigation between web pages, enhanced security and privacy features, more options with the tab page viewing, and better compatibility for Mac users. Other enhancements include an automatic system update function, a new link from the Help menu to report sites that are not compatible with Firefox to the Mozilla development team, and better pop-up blocking.

In an interesting move to go after the current Microsoft IE domination on the web browser space, Google has teamed up with Mozilla. Firefox now has a Google toolbar available upon download. Google is offering to pay $1 to web sites for each individual user they drive to download and use the new Firefox browser.

You can download the official Firefox 1.5 version for free from the Mozilla website. You can read more about the updates in this version of Firefox on the Firefox Web site.

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