Web Site Launch

It's been a busy start for 2009 here at! We are excited to announce the launch our latest web site, Monomoy Community Services is a non-profit organization based in Chatham, and has been providing family support services to Chatham's working families and individuals for more than 35 years. met with Theresa Malone to define the goals of the new web site, and determine the content and layout. Theresa was looking for a simple, fun looking web site which reminds you of kids and the beach. The purpose of the web site is to describe the organization, communicate their program offerings, and provide timely updates on events, program registration, and other news-related topics.

We designed the web site to be compatible with Adobe's Contribute software. Contribute is a great Content Management System which allows web site owners to control and maintain the content on their web site. Using Contribute, Theresa and her staff will be able to make updates to their web site any time they want.

We'd like to congratulate Monomoy Community Services on the launch of their new web site!

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