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If you're looking for support, have questions, or want to chat online with other Microsoft Vista users there are some pretty active forums available on the internet. These forums offer a broad range of topics and resources to help you out with Vista related issues.

One of the forums is run by Microsoft, through their Windows Vista Developer Center. The Microsoft Windows Vista Forum lets you ask questions, share ideas and information, read posts or post your own topic for discussion. Taking a quick run through the forum today, it appears to be pretty active with many posts today and yesterday on the forum.

In addition to their Forum, Microsoft also has an entire Microsoft Vista Solution Center available from their web site. Here you can find information on Error Messages, Configuration, troubleshooting Hardware Issues, how to use Vista, and more.

Another Vista Forum which appears to be very popular is "The Vista Forums". This forum is not affiliated with Microsoft. Originally started in 2005, this forum now claims to be one of the largest Windows-Vista related forum boards on the internet, with over 20,000 members, and over 150,000 posts.

For more information, see the Microsoft Windows Vista Forum or The Vista Forums web site.

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