Microsoft Sues Omnitech Support

According to a TechRepublic article published today, Microsoft is finally taking action against companies using their name and credentials to scam people into purchasing false "tech support". The article Microsoft takes action against tech support scammers states that Microsoft is suing Omnitech Support for using their name and likeness in a fraudulent tech support scam. Over 65,000 Microsoft customers have complained about this scam since May 2014 alone. It's a Christmas miracle.

This Microsoft phone scam has been going on for well over a year, and works by a person calling you and saying they are Microsoft and have detected a problem with your computer. They use scare and intimidation tactics, suggesting all your data and financial information will be compromised if you don't buy their support. Lots of people fall for this scam.

As always, you should never provide your credit card or personal information to someone over the phone saying they are calling from Microsoft.

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