Microsoft Prepping for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is going to be releasing seven bulletins in their June 10th Patch Tuesday release, with three of them rated as "Critical" fixes to Internet Explorer, DirectX and Bluetooth. Many of the patches relate to preventing the possibility of remote code execution (RCE), whereby an attacker could potentially run malware after gaining access to an unsuspecting person's computer.

Three other bulletins included in the June 10th Patch release are rated "Important" and relate to potential vulnerabilities with Active Directory, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), and PGM. The final bulletin is rated "Moderate" and relates to the Kill Bit function, which allows users to shut off ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer.

Interested users can register now on Microsoft TechNet to partake in a Webcast held on June 11 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time, designed to answer questions about the new security fixes. After June 11, the Webcast will be available on demand.

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