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Many owners of Macs are under the false impression that Macs are immune to viruses and malware. In an article published today on ZDNet, "An AppleCare support rep talks: Mac malware is "getting worse", Mac users are starting to find more and more instances of malware which specifically targets the Mac. According to the article, AppleCare phone support representatives will help walk you through removing the malware, even though their Terms of Service agreement states they are not supposed to help with malware.

In an article posted recently on "The Mac Security Blog", "MAC Defender" or "MAC Security" is the name of the most recent malware targeting the Mac. The MAC malware program tricks users into thinking it is a valid antivirus program, and gets them to provide sensitive password and, in some cases, credit card information. Mac users are typically finding the MAC malware after searching for common search terms in the big search engines, and ending up on infected websites.

Lessons learned? Macs are not immune to the kinds of viruses and malware that have previously targeted PCs, all users should always be cautious on the Internet, and all users should have a reputable (and current) malware program installed on their machine.

Update 5/19/2011: In an updated article appearing on ZDNet today, it sounds like AppleCare support reps are now being instructed to not attempt to help remove malware software from Mac users who call in for help. Depending on if the malware has been installed on your machine or not at the point in time you call, AppleCare techs are given specific guidance on what instructions and information they can provide. You can see the internal memo posted for AppleCare support reps from the article "Apple to support reps: "Do not attempt to remove malware" written by Ed Bott.

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