Lions, Tigers and Worms, Oh My!

KaZaA, the application which has become the de facto replacement for Napster, is playing host to a new worm. Actually, it seems that the worm can find access to your computer via any of the file-sharing applications using the Fasttrack network, including KaZaA and Grokster.

The worm fills up a shared directory with copies of itself, but it gives those files the names of other files on your computer. So, if the worm finds a file named "Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz.mp3" it will give itself that name in the hopes that someone will download it from your computer. Once the unsuspecting Janis fan downloads the file and attempts to listen to it, the worm will infect his or her computer. And no, the worm does not discriminate by musical tastes.

So, lets recap the articles that have been posted here recently: 1) KaZaA installs spyware, bogs down Internet connections, and crashes computers; 2) KaZaA installs a second, hidden network in the attempt to use your computer's spare drive space and processing power; 3) KaZaA's end user agreement is more complicated than a tax form; 4) KaZaA users are the victims of a new virus.

Now, lord knows I'm not a big fan of the RIAA, but this seems like a lot of anguish to put oneself through just to get a few songs for free. Please, please, consider uninstalling KaZaA. Better yet, consider having a professional uninstall it and ensure that your computer is virus and spyware free.

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